short stories
Remarkable New Stories Told by the Doctor
by Walter L. Wilson (1881-1969)

Remarkable New Stories
The Atheist Wanted the Money
"How Does the Butterfly Get Out?"
"I Am the Preacher's Wife"
"Give Me That Experience"
"I'll Burn That Book"
"You Are a Two-Faced Preacher"
The List of Questions Did the Work
The Spirit Convicted the Spirit Medium
"What Do You Think of That?"
She Sought the Doctor, But Found Christ
He Hid Behind the Stove
The Indian Did Not Like It
I Was at Both Births
He Was Singing, But Was Not Saved
"I Cannot Feel Salvation"
"Should I Go With My Husband?"
"And She 'Done' It, Too"
The Banker Was a Bankrupt
"Will You Get Me Through?"
The Superintendent Changed His Mind
The Paint Salesman and His Ship
The Nurse Was Happily Disappointed
"I Wish I Knew For Sure"
He Was the Black Sheep

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" the glory of God."