John Geddie — Biographies and Information

John Geddie portrait from GeddieWorld, courtesy Joan Peters, Wodonga, AustraliaJohn Geddie (1815-1872). Scottish-born Canadian, he was brought by his parents to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1816. Began ministry as pastor at Cavendish on Prince Edward Island. He with his wife and two children, sailed for the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) in November 1846, where he served as a missionary for twenty-four years. Completed a translation of the New Testament, and at the time of his death was working on the Old Testament. Became known as "the father of Presbyterian missions in the South Seas."

Marriage and Family:
Charlotte GeddieCharlotte Leonora Harrington MacDonald (also spelled McDonald) (1822-1916), married John Geddie, Sept. 21, 1839. They had 8 children, five who survived to adulthood - four daughters and a son. Daughters were Charlotte Anne (1840?-1906), Jane Fraser (1842-1846), Mary Sophia (1844-1846), Lucretia Young (1846-1909?), Elizabeth Keir (1849-1945) and their youngest daughter, Helen Jessie (1858-1945). Sons were John William (1852-1934) and Alexander (1861?-1864), who died on a sea voyage to Australia from Aneiteum. After the death of her husband, she lived in Melbourne, Australia with her daughter Helen.

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