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Charlie Alexander

Fannie Arthur

P. P. Bliss

David Brainerd

John Bunyan

William Carey

James Chalmers

J. Wilbur Chapman

Robert C. Chapman

Charles Chiniquy

Fanny Crosby

Christmas Evans

John Geddie

James Gilmour

Solomon Ginsburg

George Grenfell

Frances Havergal

Matthew Henry

H. A. Ironside

Sam Jones

Adoniram Judson (and Ann, Sarah and Emily)

David Livingstone

Alexander Mackay

Samuel Marsden

Robert Murray McCheyne

Robert Moffat (and Mary)

D. L. Moody

George Müller

John Newton

John Paton

A. T. Pierson

Ira D. Sankey

C. I. Scofield

Mary Slessor

Gipsy Smith

C. H. Spurgeon (and Susannah)

George C. Stebbins

C. T. Studd

Billy Sunday

Hudson Taylor

R. A. Torrey

William Tyndale

Isaac Watts

Charles Weigle

John Wycliffe

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