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Translators of the New American Standard Bible®

"The translators were carefully chosen from the mainstream evangelical denominational groups and respected Christian institutions of higher learning. Some served on the translation committee itself. This was a committee located, for the most part, in the Southern California area. Others served as consultants who reviewed the translation committee's work and made recommendations for improvements. These consultants were chosen from all sections of the United States.

More than fifty who have earned doctorates in Biblical languages worked on the translation of the Scriptures. They actively teach in colleges and seminaries, including Wheaton College, Northwestern Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Dallas Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Talbot Theological Seminary, California State University, Bethany Nazarene College, Azusa-Pacific College, Bob Jones University, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary, Grace Theological Seminary, Texas Christian University, Seattle Bible School, Southern California College, Westmont College, Point Loma College, and Regent College.

The translators come from Presbyterian, Methodist, American Baptist, Disciples, Southern Baptist, Nazarene, General Association of Regular Baptist, Congregational, Independent Baptist, Free Methodist, and still other denominations. Some have international reputations. All support the philosophy of literal translation and the doctrinal statement of The Lockman Foundation, including the inerrancy of the Scriptures."

Original NASB® Translators:
Dr. Peter Ahn, Dr. Warren Allen, Dr. Gleason Archer, Dr. Herman Austel, Dr. Kenneth Lee Barker, Dr. Fred Bush, Dr. David L. Cooper, Dr. Richard W. Cramer, Dr. Edward R. Dalglish, Dr. Charles Lee Feinberg, Dr. Harvey Finley, Dr. Paul Gray, Dr. Edward F. Harrison, Dr. John Hartley, Dr. F. B Huey, Jr., Dr. Charles Isbell, Dr. David W. Kerr, Dr. William L. Lane, Dr. Timothy Lin, Dr. Oscar Lowry, Dr. Elmer Martens, Dr. Henry R. Moeller, Dr. Reuben A. Olson, Dr. J. Barton Payne, Dr. Walter Penner, Dr. John Rea, Dr. W. L. Reed, Dr. Robert N. Schaper, Dr. Moisés Silva, Dr. Ralph L. Smith, Dr. Merrill C. Tenney, Dr. Robert L. Thomas, Dr. George Townsend, Dr. Bruce Waltke, Dr. Lowell C. Wendt, Dr. William C. Williams, Dr. Herbert M. Wolf, Dr. Kenneth Wuest, Dr. Fred Young

Worked on NASB® Update:
Dr. Timothy L. Deahl, Dr. Paul Enns, Dr. Buist M. Fanning, Dr. Thomas Finley, Dr. Osvaldo Garcia, Dr. Kenneth Hanna, Dr. W. Hall Harris, Rev. Eduardo Hernandez, Dr. Harold Hoehner, Dr. J. Carl Laney, Dr. David K. Lowery, Dr. Ted Martin, Dr. H. Bruce Stokes, Dr. Duane Wetzler, Dr. Dale Wheeler, Dr. Don Wilkins

Critical consultants to NASB® Update:
Dr. C. S. Lovett, Dr. Robert Sloan, Dr. Donald Verleur, Dr. James White

Worked on original NASB® and NASB® Update:
Dr. George Blankenbaker, Dr. Frank G. Carver, Dr. Robert Saucy

Source: Lockman Foundation, www.gospelcom.net/lockman/trans/nasbprin.htm
A copy of an earlier letter from the Lockman Foundation also lists Dr. George Giacumakis under original NASB translators, Dr. Ronald Rietveld under list of translators who worked on NASB Update, and Pastor D. B. Reeves and Dr. Dan Wallace under critical consultants to NASB Update.

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