Alexander Mackay: Chronology of Events
compiled by Stephen Ross, 2010

Alexander MackayAlexander M. Mackay (1849-1890) was a pioneer engineer-missionary to Uganda. Arrived in Zanzibar in 1876; he reached Uganda in 1878. Built 230 miles of road to Uganda from the coast. Translated Matthew's Gospel into Luganda. Died in 1890 having spent fourteen years in Africa without once returning home to native Scotland.
1849 Born at Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, October 13th.
1859 Sir Roderick Murchison surprised at his skill in drawing.
1864 Entered the grammar school at Aberdeen.
1865 His mother died.
1867 Entered the Free Church Training School for Teachers, in Edinburgh.
1869 Enrolled in Edinburgh University.
1870-72  Studied engineering and mechanics, and taught.
1873 Left Scotland for Moabit (now part of Berlin), Germany, where he worked as a draftsman for an engineering company, November 1st.
1874 Dedicated his life to Christian service.
1875 The Daily Telegraph published Stanley's famous letter "challenging Christendom to send missionaries to Uganda:" Mackay offered his services as a missionary to the Church Missionary Society.
1876 Two offers for foreign mission work in Africa recieved on same day, January 26th.
1876 Sailed on S.S. Peshawur from Southampton, England, April 27th.
1876 Arrived at Zanzibar on way to Uganda, May 30th.
1877 Built 230 mile road through the jungle from Sadani on the coast to Mpwapa, in about 100 days with native laborers.
1878 Reached Victoria Nyanza, June 13th.
1878 Arrived in Uganda. (November)
1879 On Sunday, he held service in the court, and the king interpreted to those assembled, January 26th.
1881 Rev. P. O'Flaherty arrived to help in the work. (March)
1883 Further reinforcements arrived, including the Rev. R. P.
Ashe. (May)
1884 M'tsea (also spelled Mtsea or Mutesa), King of Uganda dies (October); his son M'wanga becomes king and persecutes and kills many Christians.
1887 Mackay driven out of Uganda.
1888 King M'wanga overthrown by a revolt; succeeded by Kiwewa, an older son of M'tsea.
1889 Mackay helps M'wanga, who has professed faith in Christ, to recover the throne.
1890 Mackay died of malarial fever at Usambiro, Uganda, after 14 years in Africa, February 8th.

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