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Sword Drill Activity

A "Sword Drill" is designed to be done in a family or group setting. It is a fun way to learn the books of the Bible and where they are located, by turning quickly to a specific verse in the Bible.


1. The leader explains the rules.

2. Everyone should have their Bible closed.

3. The leader holds up his Bible and says, "Swords ready."

4. Everyone lifts their closed Bible with the spine in the palm of their hand, to head level or higher.

5. The leader says the book, chapter and verse (for example Genesis chapter 6, verse 8) and everyone repeats the book, chapter and verse.

6. The leader says "ready" and then shouts "go!"

7. Everyone brings their Bibles down and turns to the verse as quickly as possible.

8. As soon as a person finds the verse he stands up. The leader recognizes the first person to stand and that person reads the verse out loud to the others.

9. The person who finds the most verses first wins the round; in a larger group, the side (team) with the most verses found first, wins.

10. An extra point can be given to the person who correctly identifies the word that is found in each of the 10 Bible verses.

Use the following sets of 10 Bible verses for each round of Sword drill. The underlined word to the left is found in all 10 verses.

Compiled by Stephen Ross for family Bible time, circa 1980.

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