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A Selective List of Christian Audio and Video for the Christian Home
The following is a selective list of Christian audio and video which we recommend to believers in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Heroes of Faith Audiobook Collection. IBLP.
Nine narrated biographies with background music and sound effects.

The following biographies are recommended for older children and adults: Adoniram Judson (40 min.), Dwight L. Moody (80 min.), Fanny Crosby (20 min.), Gladys Aylward (97 min.), and John Newton (79 min.)

The collection also includes biographies of: Florence Nightingale (117 min.), Joseph Merrick (65 min.), Oswald Chambers (69 min.) and Susanna Wesley (for adults and parents; 67 min.)

Available as complete MP3 download or 9 CD set; or individual MP3 downloads and CDs. Order from https://store.iblp.org/heroes-of-faith-audiobook-collection.html

Stories of Great Christians. Moody Audio.
Dramatized biographies of sixty-one servants of the Lord Jesus. Originally broadcast on radio. Free Download. Access to these audios may be limited.

The following biographies are recommended for all ages: Amy Carmichael, George Washington Carver, James Chalmers, Fanny Crosby, Henry Parsons Crowell, M. R. DeHaan, R. G. LeTourneau, Robert and Mary Moffat, D. L. Moody, Nate Saint, Eric Nelson, Ira Sankey, Billy Sunday, George Truett, William Tyndale and John Wanamaker.

The following biographies are recommended for young adult and older listeners: Gladys Aylward, William Borden, John Bunyan, George Mueller, John Newton, Charles H. Spurgeon, Jon and Betty Stam and George Whitefield.

The following biographies may also be considered: Peter Cartwright (older listeners), Jonathan Edwards, John Hus (older listeners), John Wesley, William Wilberforce, and John Williams.

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God's SmugglerGod's Smuggler/Audiobook by Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill; David Cochran Heath, narrator.

Gladys Aylward AudioGladys Aylward: The Little Woman/Audiobook by Gladys Aylward with Christine Hunter; narrator Debi Tinsley.

George MullerGeorge Muller: The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans/Audiobook by Janet & Geoff Benge; narrator Tim Gregory.

The Pilgrims ProgressThe Pilgrim's Progress: From This World to That Which Is to Come/Audiobook by John Bunyan; narrator David Shaw-Parker.


Gladys Aylward: The Small Woman with a Great God. This documentary presents the events of Gladys' life, chronicled by author Carol Purves and accompanied by photographs, illustrations, and recordings of Gladys' own voice. Worcester, PA: Distributed by Vision Video, 2008. DVD. 62 minutes.

John Bunyan: Journey of a Pilgrim. This documentary narrated by John Pestell, presents a fascinating look at the life of the man who wrote The Pilgrim's Progress. Worcester, PA: Distributed by Gateway Films/Vision Video, 2006. DVD. 42 minutes.

Candle in the Dark: The Story of William Carey. Christian History Institute, 1998. Distributed by Vision Video, Worcester, PA. DVD. 97 minutes. Not recommended for young children.

The Fanny Crosby Story. Biography of American hymn writer and poetess who wrote over 8,000 hymns. Panmedia Entertainment Corp., 2004. Distributed by Vision Video, Worcester, PA. DVD. 54 minutes.

John Hus. Faith For Today, [1977]. Distributed by Vision Video, Worcester, PA. John Hus, a priest and scholar in 15th-century Bohemia in central Europe, lived 100 years before Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. A beloved pastor, Hus was nevertheless condemned as a heretic at the Council of Constance for his uncompromising belief in the final authority of the Bible. Despite relentless pressure, he refused to recant and was burned at the stake in 1415. DVD. 55 minutes. Helpful study materials in .PDF format.

Adoniram and Ann JudsonAdoniram and Ann Judson: Spent for God. A documentary production of Christian History Institute; written and produced by Robert Fernandez. Distributed by Vision Video, Worcester, PA. [2018]. DVD. 65 min.

The Story of Eric Liddell. An Olympic God Medalist's lifelong race to spread the Gospel in China. Produced by RBC Ministries. Grand Rapids, MI: Discovery House Publishers, ©2004. DVD. 90 min.

Robber of the Cruel Streets: The Prayerful Life of George Müller presented by Russell Boulter; written, directed and produced by Crawford Telfer. An international co-production distributed by Vision Video, Worcester, PA, USA. Excellent documentary of the life and times of George Muller weaving together photography of on-site locations, historical pictures, narration and drama. DVD, 59 minutes.

Review: An excellent documentary of the life and times of George Muller, a Prussian-born, English man of faith and prayer who established orphanages in Bristol, England in the 19th century. Weaving together video of on-site locations, historical pictures, narration and drama, this well-done and interesting presentation is both challenging and inspiring as one sees how God answers prayer and provides for the needs of His children who trust Him. Two extra special features: one on Muller (28 min.) and the other with interesting testimonies of some of those influenced by his work (18 min.) are also well-done and an added bonus.

Sheffey Award-winning production depicts actual events from the life of Robert S. Sheffey, a nineteenth-century circuit rider. Based on the book The Saint of the Wilderness by Jess Carr, Sheffey brings hope, courage, joy, and tears. DVD, 2 hrs., 17 min.

C. H. Spurgeon: The People's Preacher presented by Andy Harrison; written, produced and directed by Crawford Telfer. An international co-production distributed by Vision Video, Worcester, PA, 2010. Excellent documentary drama of the life and times of Charles H. Spurgeon. DVD, 70 minutes.

•Review: Interesting and well-done documentary drama of the life of Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892), English Baptist preacher, author and editor who also founded a pastor's college and an orphanage. With video of on-site locations, historical pictures, narration and drama, the viewer is provided a historically accurate account of Spurgeon's trials and triumphs and the times in which he lived. Including the role of Susannah, devoted wife of Spurgeon, adds an element of tenderness and serves to give the viewer the sense of a more complete understanding of Charles Spurgeon, the "man."

God's Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale.
93-minute drama on the life of William Tyndale. Grenville Film Productions, ©1988. Distributed by Vision Video. DVD.

John Wycliffe - The Morning Star.
75-minute drama on the life of John Wycliffe. Gateway Films, ©1984. DVD.

God's Living Treasures. Learn incredible facts about some of "God's Living Treasures" in Alaska. DVD. Hosted by Dr. Jobe Martin, Biblical Discipleship Ministries.

Amazing Animals vol.1Amazing Animals of Alaska. Vol. 1. "This first DVD in the series features an appearance by Agee the polar bear, and other amazing creatures such as the Arctic ground squirrel, moose, red fox, sea otter, and wolf."

Amazing Animals vol.2Amazing Animals of Alaska. Vol. 2. "This second DVD in the series features an appearance by Billy the grizzly bear, along with the caribou, musk ox, salmon, Arctic ground squirrel, and Arctic tern."

Both DVDs are approximately 60 min. and include 3 bonus special features.
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