short stories
Miracles in a Doctor's Life
by Walter L. Wilson, M.D.


When Mr. Samuel Levermore of London, England, answered the call of God to serve as a missionary in France, he announced his decision to his sister; whereupon she replied: "Sammy, you will be wasting your time. To find a troubled soul in France would be like looking for a 'needle in a haystack.'"

"Yes," answered Mr. Levermore, "that is quite true, but you must remember, sister, that the Holy Spirit knows where the needle is, and He will direct me to it."

The leading of the Holy Spirit in daily life and service is one of the most precious experiences that a Christian may enjoy. It is probably a strange experience to many, for oftentimes the people of God do not realize the precious privilege granted them of relying upon the guidance of the Spirit in finding troubled hearts to whom He would have them speak.

That word of our Lord in John 12:26—"And where I am, there shall also my servant be"—is brought about through the yielded Christian who is led by the Spirit to that heart in which Christ is working.

These incidents which occurred in the life of the writer are related in the hope that many Christian workers may be inspired to take advantage of the gracious work of the Holy Spirit in soul winning, and that they will learn to depend upon Him to find troubled hearts and give wisdom in dealing with then.

—Walter Lewis Wilson, Kansas City, Missouri

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The Little Man in a Big City
The Spirit Used a Sewed Finger
Peg Leg Tom Heard the Spirit's Call
The Spirit Kept Sandy from Finding Peace
Lillian Was Miserable on the Stage
The Candlestick Was Not in the Ark
Two Words Did the Work
The Ticket Did Not Arrive on Time
The Wrong Address, But the Right Persons
The Spirit Found the Runaway Boy
Missed the Train, But Caught a Soul
The Senior and His Sweetheart
An Italian and His Crucifix
The Loss and Gain of a Jeweler
Darkness in Philadelphia and Light in India
The Intern Was Surprised
The Spirit Worked at Midnight
Not Quite Twins
The Garage Man Got Repaired
Esther's Experience in the Basement
Lost on Mount Wilson

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" the glory of God."