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Practical Principles for Successful Christian Living

by Al Troester (1916-2002)

Al Troester1. Organize your life around Christ so that He is the center of it and be determined to live for Him.

2. If you profess to be a Christian, live like one whatever it may cost you. 50,000 Christians were killed for Him during the first century of the church.

3. Be consistent in church attendance and get involved in its activities. You are as necessary to its successful operation as any member of your own body. The church needs you.

4. Stand up for the truth of your convictions whatever it may entail. If you do not stand for something you may fall for anything. Stand alone if you have to but stand.

5. Witness for Christ cheerfully as God gives you opportunity. Some opportunities come only once. Pray for wisdom, be tactful, let the Lord use you.

6. Prayer is your life line to God. Keep the channel open and stay in close communication. Prayerlessness means powerlessness. You need not live in spiritual poverty if you can pray.

7. If you put yourself in a place of temptation, you may fall. Make no provision for the flesh lest you be overcome by it.

8. Thank the Lord for whatever comes across your pathway. He knows the way you take and will prove Romans 8:28 to you in His way and time.

9. Trust God for the impossibles. Remember the "just shall live by faith" (Heb. 10:38). You cannot trust and worry at the same time.

10. God takes care of the sparrows and clothes the lilies of the field with beauty and He will take care of you too. He knows all about your needs.

11. Live without fear of what people may say or think about you if you are living Christ as you ought. You do not have to live your life according to the standards, opinions, convictions of others. Let Jesus be your standard and the Word of God your guide.

12. Accept yourself as you are with all of your limitations and develop what you do have for Christ. Accept yourself as a bundle of possibilities and make the best out of your best.

13. Feed upon the Word of God daily. It is food for your soul and will nourish your spiritual life. Take time to meditate in [the Word] for your own enrichment.

14. Allow the Holy Spirit within you to be your very life and the source of your strength for daily living. Let Him permeate your very being as water does a sponge. Be filled with Him.

15. Live in the heat of a holy passion for God. It is the dynamic of one's personality. Enthusiasm for Him will make your life shine for Him in the darkness of those around you.

16. Accept the place God has for you in life, the associations with your contemporaries, the field of service He has given to you, the environment in which He has placed you, the opposition and adversaries, unflinchingly and with courage.

17. Keep out of a rut. Keep on growing. Continually be learning something new—new avenues of study, new areas of knowledge, explore new fields, and add new friends.

18. Keep your heart right with God. Be truthful with Him and confess all known sin. Be honest with Him and keep nothing covered nor hidden from Him.

19. Keep your mind clean and stayed on Him. The battle for the mind is on and Satan would like to have control of it and fill it with carnal junk and unwholesome thoughts.

20. Live for Christ aggressively. Be on the offensive and move ahead with Him. After all you are a soldier in His army.

21. Be careful of the friends you choose and the companions you keep. Wrong friends may drag you down and take you away from Him who really is your friend.

22. God has a plan for your life. Yield to Him and allow Him to work it out for you in His time, place, and purpose.

23. Never allow yourself to get above the sinner's place so that you become proud of your spirituality. Identify yourself with the sinner but not his or her sin. Humility is a priceless commodity and beautiful in appearance.

24. Be a person of determination and conviction. Know what you believe and where you are going and go there.

25. Get your mind off of yourself and on to the needs of others. Lose yourself in service.

26. Fellowship with God's people and take them just as they are. Interpret them positively and enjoy their company.

27. Live fearlessly in the light of Christ's second coming. It could be today. There is no joy in timidity. He has given us the Spirit of boldness.

From Quarterly Notes, vol. 6, no. 4, "Practical Helps," by Al Troester. Used with permission of author.

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