True Stories by the Doctor
by Walter L. Wilson (1881-1969)

He Hid Behind the Stove
I Wish I Knew For Sure
How Does the Butterfly Get Out?
The Wayward Young Man
The Case of the Japanese Barber
A Little Lad Stopped Praying
The Banker Was a Bankrupt
The Superintendent Changed His Mind
Walter L. WilsonWalter Lewis Wilson (1881-1969) was an American medical doctor, businessman, Bible teacher, preacher and author. He served as the pastor of Central Bible Church which he helped start in 1920, led in the establishment of the Flagstaff Indian Mission to the Navahos in the Southwest, was a pioneer in the field of radio preaching, and helped in the founding of Kansas City Bible Institute, which later became Calvary Bible College, where he served as president. Always seeking a lost soul whom God had prepared to receive the Gospel, Dr. Wilson recorded many of his remarkable experiences in a series of books to instruct and inspire others in the great work of spreading the Gospel. His books include A Sure Remedy Prescribed by the Doctor, The Romance of A Doctor's Visits, Miracles in a Doctor's Life, Remarkable New Stories, Strange Short Stories by the Doctor. A recent compilation of his stories which is still in print is Just What the Doctor Ordered (Soulwinning stories) published by Unusual Publications, ©1988.

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" the glory of God."