Children of the Bible
Author unknown; edited by Stephen Ross


LighthouseAlong the sea-coast of most lands there can be seen some very useful buildings, built upon rocks or lofty hills near the shore. Some of these are called lighthouses, and others beacons. The first are chiefly intended to guide ships into harbor, or to point out the course they should steer; the latter are to warn of rocks and sands, on which vessels may be wrecked. Such buildings may have been seen by only a few of our young readers, but there are other kinds of "lighthouses" and "beacons" with which they may become more familiar, and they are found in God's Word, the Bible. The Bible is a "lighthouse" to guide us in the right way that leads us to a blessed life on earth and to everlasting life in Heaven. The Bible is also a "beacon" to warn us so that we may avoid becoming shipwrecked. These "lighthouses" and "beacons" in the Bible are not built of brick and stone, but of the clear instructions and commands of God and the examples we have in the actions and conduct of people who lived many years ago. As we look at these short sketches of young people in the Bible and observe their behavior, may the Holy Spirit teach us to watch and pray that we may be guided safely over the voyage of life, live lives that are pleasing to the Lord, and may be saved from dangers more fatal than pointed rocks and hidden sands.

Isaac and Ishmael The Little Captive Maid
Joseph Josiah
Moses The Holy Child Jesus
Samuel Little Children Brought to Jesus
David The Ruler's Daughter
The Widow's Son Timothy

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