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M.R. DeHaan Martin R. DeHaan, M.D. (1891-1965) was an American Bible teacher, pastor, author, and physician. Founder of Radio Bible Class. His simple granite gravestone, testifies of that great truth which he so keenly believed and fervently broadcast around the world: ...The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven ... and the dead in Christ shall rise... 1 Thess. 4:16  PERHAPS TODAY!
Last name appears as De Haan on his gravestone and some of his writings.

Echoes from Glory. Selective sayings/portrait/audio of DeHaan.

Angels and Demons: Their Nature, Origin, Ministry, and Classificationhtml ebook

Election and Predestination and the Free Will of Man: A Scriptural Study... html ebook

Heaven: A Bible Study on the Eternal Home of the Saints of Godhtml ebook

The Lake of Fire. html ebook

Marriage and Divorce: A Scriptural Examination of the Subject of Divorce and Remarriage... html ebook

The Millennium: One Thousand Years of Peace. html ebook

Ye Must Be Born Again: A Study of the Teaching of Jesus on the New Birth. html ebook

In addition, he wrote numerous other booklets and the following books: The Jew and Palestine in Prophecy, Coming Events in Prophecy, Second Coming of Christ, Signs of the Times, Daniel the Prophet, Revelation, Portraits of Christ in Genesis, Genesis and Evolution, Studies in First Corinthians, Jonah—Fact or Fiction?, The Days of Noah, Simon Peter, 508 Answers to Bible Questions, Chemistry of the Blood, Pentecost and After, Law and Grace, The Tabernacle, Galatians, Dear Doctor: I Have a Problem, Romance of Redemption, Adventures in Faith, Bread for Each Day, Our Daily Bread, Broken Things, and Hebrews.

Audio Messages:
Audio Messages on the Webmp3

Recommended Book:
M. R. De Haan: The Life Behind the Voice... by James R. Adair. Published by Discovery House, 2008. Originally published with title M. R. DeHaan: The Man and His Ministry by Zondervan, ©1969. Out of print.
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