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Helpful Articles/Resources

Captivated: Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture. DVD

Christian Audio and Video Recordings for the Christian Home. Stephen Ross.

The Christian Home and Biblical Child Training Resources. Stephen Ross.

Dad! What Are You Doing? Paul L. Freeman.

Discipline of Children. Bruce Lackey. MP3

Duties of Parents. J. C. Ryle. PDF

Godly Child Training. John G. Paton.

God's Promise About Children. Bruce Lackey.

The Great Commandment. Accelerated Christian Education. PDF

How To Raise Godly Children. Roger Voegtlin. PDF

Is Proverbs 22:6 a Promise? David Cloud.

Lead by Example: A Challenge to Today's Christian Youth. Matt Costella.

Letter to His Children. Written 1685, by Isaac Watts, senior.

Media Choices: Convictions or Compromise?

The Mobile-Phone and the Christian Home & Church. David Cloud. PDF, MOBI, EPUB

Thou and Thy House, or The Christian Home. C. H. Mackintosh. PDF

The Training of Children. A Mother.

Twenty-two Helpful Thoughts on Rearing Children for God. Terry Coomer. PDF

Rearing Spiritual Children. Terry Coomer. PDF

Reasons Why Children Should Fly to Christ Without Delay. Robert M. McCheyne.

Seven Reasons Why Children of Christian Parents Must Receive Christian Schooling.

Some Practical Helps in Disciplining Your Children. Al Troester PDF

Sword Drill Activity. Stephen Ross.

Television and the Christian Home. J. Kerr Duff.

Thoughts for Young Men. J. C. Ryle. PDF

Why I Enrolled My Last Child In Christian School. Paul L. Freeman.

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